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In Berlin-Kreuzberg, in the heart of the capital, lies the small Specialty Coffee roastery of Five Elephant. For the Propeller product line, which is listed here at Aromatico, the roastery has developed very special quality standards. Thanks to their many years of experience in the coffee business, Five Elephant has found their optimal partners and coffee farmers in Brazil and El Salvador.


The long-term partnerships based on a personal contact with the farmers allow a direct trade of the green coffee. Thanks to the direct purchase of the beans, the fair prices reach the local farmers. Five Elephant's own environmental impact through coffee sourcing, as well as the social aspects along the entire value chain, are always weighed and optimized. For example, Five Elephant takes particularly large quantities of green coffee from the coffee farmers so that they can have a better CO₂ balance from an economic point of view for the farmers - but also from an ecological point of view thanks to the reduced transports. In addition, the roastery supports social projects in the areas where its green coffees are grown with the proceeds from the Propeller product line. In El Salvador and Brazil, for example, schools are supported, drinking water is treated, and health care is improved.

Kaffee bei der Röstung Kaffee bei der Röstung
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Anyone visiting the capital should pay a visit to Five Elephant's small café chain and sample the delicious blends. The Brazilian 100% Arabica Propeller Espresso, for example, caresses the palate with nutty flavors. Whereas the Propeller Bio has somewhat fruitier nuances.

In the modern, typically Berlin atmosphere of the small cafés, training courses and courses on all aspects of perfect coffee preparation can also be booked at Five Elephant. The premium beans of the Propeller coffees are wonderfully suited for preparation in fully automatic machines and are characterized by their full-bodiedness as well as their special balance.

Mann steht auf Kaffeeplantage und sortiert rote Kaffeekirschen Mann steht auf Kaffeeplantage und sortiert rote Kaffeekirschen